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Naomi Stroud Pokecino App
I'm finally back on DA and with a new face and a new attitude. I want to try and upload as much as possible and I just couldn't keep away from Pokecino for long. I was Animelover1123. This is a redesigned character from awhile ago. I hope I get back in. <3


Name: Naomi Stroud
Alias: DJ Silverstream
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: She is the owner of a club chain that goes throughout the regions. Her club had been renamed as Club Ultra Beat
Pokemon: Exploud
Type: Normal
Ability: Soundproof: It prevents all effects from sound moves, providing the user immunity from them.

1. Boom Burst:  The User Attacks everything around it with a destructive power of a terrible explosive sound.
Uproar: The user attacks in an uproar for three turns. During that time, no one can fall asleep.
Pound: The target is physically pounded with a long tail, a foreleg, or the like.
Hyper Voice: The user lets loose a horribly echoing shout with the power to inflict damage.



  • Music: It’s her life. She has grown up with it and she’ll pass it down to her children.

  • Dances: Whether it be at her club or in a ball, she will dance. She was taught tap, hip hop, and ballroom.

  • Romantic Evenings: Even though she’s a tough cookie, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like a romantic evening ever once in a while.

  • Kids: She has a weakness for kids. It’s like her motherly instincts are taken over.

  • Karaoke: She likes to sing but tends to do it on her free time. Her father helped her with this.

  • Food: Since she has Snorlax blood in her family, she can eat a lot of food without gaining much weight.

  • Boxing: After an event in her life, she turned to Boxing to get away from the pain. She soon found out that it was a great stress reliever.


  • Annoying People: She has a short fuse, so if anyone who annoys her, they better watch out for a punch in the face.

  • Being Loud: She tends to be loud and she hates it at times. It can throw off people and make her seem unapproachable.

  • Doing Nothing: She hates just doing nothing. She has to do something or she’ll start getting antsy.


Personality: Naomi was once a shy young girl who likes to sing. Though as time went on and after a few events that left her a bit depressed and a bit wary of people. When her parents divorced, she recluded herself to her love of music and it eventually got her back up onto her feet. Due to her early stress from her parent's divorce,she went to counseling for depression. HEr counselor meetings brought her back and happy than ever. Though she still has moments when she cry as she remembers those hard times. Sometimes she'll become quiet when she thinks about what had happened. Naomi grew to be a rather loud person, which can make her seem a bit obnoxious when in reality she doesn't mean to. She loves to dance, especially at her club and likes to throw down some beats. She can be a workaholic. She has a short fuse and isn't easily deterred by threats. She will fight when it comes down to it. She has a soft spot for kids and tends to be gentle around them, as if they were her own. She is very loyal to her friends and will stick up for them whenever they needed. She can be very flirty when she wants to be, usually if she partied for a long time. She tends to go to the parties a lot and will usually start one on her own if she feels like it. She tends to be a little reckless at times and messy, but she always tries her best to clean up the mess afterwards.

History: Naomi is the daughter of Serena Malitove and Kevin Stroud. She had a happy early childhood with the help of music and the band that her father was in. She was good in her grades and everything was fine, though on the inside of the family it was beginning to crack. It was when she was thirteen when her parents split. Her mother had found out that her father was cheating on her, and it became apparent that he was becoming an alcoholic. The two fought alot until her mother couldn't stand it anymore. That day is when her mother kicked her father out and a few months later a divorce order was signed. That made her upset and a bit reclusive but the power of music helped her get over her pain. Her counsler also suggested that she does Boxing to relief her of stress. Music was also a way for her to seclude herself from her problems. It was in highschool when she found a true passion for djing, she loved it so much she wanted to make it into a career. She had made a goal for herself to save enough money to open up a club.  Her mother after seeing how determined her own daughter was, told her that if she saved enough money, she would pay half for a building and go into business school to learn how to run a successful business, then she would help her out and be her cofounder. After five years Naomi had saved enough money and she opened her first club of her chain of clubs, which was thriving until she hired Mr.Norton, who stole from her. She learned of that and she lost trust in people.She had met Mr.Norton when he applied for her manager position. She ran a test trial with him and found he was compatible, but it was all a facade. He started to go down hill in their relationship due to a few arguments. HE then stole money from her. She became more involved with her employees by holding parties and trying to get to know them better. She fired him instantly and after getting a few loans from the bank, she brought it back from almost bankruptcy. It took her a few years to rebuild her trust and by then she learned more from her employees. When she was writing ideas for Club Unova, her mother suggested that she went on vacation to get more ideas. So she left for the hotel the next day. 

After leaving the hotel for a few years, she had been steadily growing her business and added a few new clubs in the other regions and construction of one is in Alola. She has been quite busy and a friend saw how worked up she was getting so she told her to go and spend some time at a hotel. She went home and opened a drawer by her bed and saw the pamphlet for Pokecino and smiled. She knew exactly which hotel she was going to go to. 


Other information:

  • She has a morbid fear of needles, it comes to the point when when she sees one, she’ll pass out.

  • She had always wanted a sibling but never did.

  • She wishes that her parents get back together.

  • Naomi tends to box alot and also does a bit of betting.

    * She has a pet drifloon named Skye. 
    * She also has a pet teddiursa named Honeybun. She is not with her.
    * She has a pet houndour. He is not with her.


Room Number: 203

Naomi Stroud belongs to :iconchessirelocke:
Naomi Stroud
This is the remake of my Exploud gijinka: Naomi Stroud

Hope you like her.
This is my mascot for my account. Her name is Locke and she's a breed of the chesshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Feel free to ask her anything.

Locke: Belongs to me.


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